No One Knows the Community like a Community Banker

Courtesy of Chris Barone, Cash Management Business Development Officer 

As the economy has changed over the past ten years, so has the banking industry. For some time there has been no reward for businesses to look at options for their banking relationships. In today’s world, bottom line profits have changed the landscape for most business owners trying to balance costs and expenditures to maximize profits but most small businesses have been left behind by their bank.

The new landscape is more competitive than ever but your choices are dwindling due to acquisitions and mergers in the banking industry. Many smaller community banks have been acquired by larger, out of state banks that often charge more in fees and offer lower yields. A community bank will usually charge lower fees and pay higher yields while offering the same advanced technology as the larger banks. The difference is that technology is offered by people who live, work and play in the communities they serve.

As a community bank serving North Georgia for over 20 years, Quantum offers the latest in banking innovation coupled with customer centric beliefs. We do not have a “sales first” mentality. Our mentality is “customer first.” We see beyond the numbers to see the faces and lives of the people who do business with us.

We are a leader in all aspects of business banking. Our Cash Management program is staffed by experienced professionals who play a major role in the environment we’ve created where the customer AND the bank can succeed at the same time. Our Cash Management team can review your current banking relationship and its associated fees and returns. We can then tailor a customized program specific to the unique needs of your business and one that may offer you significant savings.*

If you would like to maximize growth on your deposits and/or reduce service and maintenance fees or perhaps a little bit of both, give Quantum’s Cash Management department a call (404.889.4023) to see what we might be able to do for your business. We’ll take an in-depth look at your business banking and give you specific details on what we can do for you.

No one understands the community like a community banker and no one understands small business like another small business. We are both and are here to help you as “Your Banking Partner for Success.”

*Your results will depend on your unique business situation and may not be typical. Some restrictions and credit standards apply. See us for full details.





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