Fourth Quarter is Upon Us…Don’t Let Scammers Make Your Holidays Blue!

It may be hard to believe but 4th quarter is here. As you start making holiday plans and budgets, remember that the holidays are prime time for scammers looking for a quick buck…one that belongs to you!

Here are just a few scams that might come your way:

Looking to make some extra money before the holidays? If you’re considering a multi-level or network marketing opportunity, be sure to do some thorough research. Click here for details:

There’s so much going on at this time of year all over town, from concerts to football games. This link talks about a specific scam from the 2016-17 college football bowl season but the information is pertinent to ANY ticket purchases for ANY big event!

During the holidays, people often feel a bit more charitable and look for ways to help others who are not so fortunate. This is a noble goal, but as with just about everything these days, there are ways it can backfire. One of those is “affinity fraud.” It’s been around for a while but, like many scams, never seems to really go away. When someone with whom you have something in common (civic group, church membership, professional organization) offers you an “opportunity,” be sure to use the same caution you do with opportunities presented by strangers:

Everyone’s on the go these days and mobile apps make it easy to stay in touch and on top of things while we’re away from home. If you’re planning on doing some holiday shopping online this year, check out this link before you download any new apps:

You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas. Now, thanks to the Better Business Bureau, we introduce you to the 12 SCAMS of Christmas!

We wish you a happy and successful end to 2019 but always be alert! We don’t want your first memory of 2020 to be the scammers you “met” in 2019.

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